Black Ox Standing Seam Roofing Inc

From Strip & Prep to the Final Product
Some of the roof projects that we tackle require that the existing roofing be "stripped" off and disposed of, prior to preparing the roof deck for our new roofing. When this case is presented we will work with the customer to arrange for proper disposal of the old roofing and all cleanup work after. We make every effort to recycle as much old materials as possible. Once the strip is complete we will provide and install the proper underlayment paper, and/or Ice & Water Shield, as required. Upon final preparation of the roof deck, we finish with the installation of the new Standing Seam. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our customers during the initial site visit, And our ability to follow through on the specifics of the work to be completed and the products used to complete this work. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal.
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