Black Ox Standing Seam Roofing Inc

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Hello Perspective Roofing Clients,
My name is Tom Mullen and I am sole owner, and President of Black Ox Roofing Inc.
It is my pleasure to welcome you to my business website. Though there are many other sites out there with far more information than mine, I hope you will find it interesting and perhaps it may encourage you to make a phone call or send me an email for more information.

Black Ox Roofing Inc. was founded by myself, Tom Mullen, and my ex-partner Shane Craig in 1995. Both Shane and I had much experience in the field of construction and roofing. The business got off to a great start during the prosperous economic times of the 90's. The partnership continued several years until Shane decided to move on to other ventures in the year 2000.

I decided to continue with the business on my own. We had the beginnings of a very solid reputation in the world of Standing Seam Roofing, having provided almost a 1000 roof completions to that date. That reputation was being built on quality, knowledge, workmanship, and customer service. All of which were no stranger to myself.

Personal History:
Lifetime Vermonter! Born, Raised, and STILL living in Tunbridge, Vermont.

My educational background includes attending grade school in my hometown of Tunbridge; High School in the neighboring town of Chelsea; and attending Emerson College in Boston upon graduation. After failing to find success in my chosen field, I decided to come home to Vermont. I landed a job with a local contractor and so began my passion for building and all things related. I worked for years constructing Post & Beam Homes throughout the Twin States, as well as some further south.

In the mid 80's I decided to strike it out on my own; starting my own construction company. With a handful of employees (a very small handful) I was able to build 6 complete homes over the next few years. These projects enabled me to work with all aspects of construction, from the ground up. I carried these projects from ground breaking to the finished product; move-in-ready. Those years gave me many opportunities to work with both Homeowners and Sub-contractors alike to bring projects to completion. It also provided me with great insights into the "do's & don'ts'" of house construction here in New England. Small Business ownership can be very demanding, but the rewards are great. There is nothing finer than seeing your finished product being enjoyed by its' owner!

My experience with homeowners and contractors proved invaluable during the startup of Black Ox Standing Seam Roofing Inc. Whence I determined that there was indeed a need for a Quality Standing Seam Roofing Installer in our area, I decided to use this experience and put it to good use. By focusing entirely on Standing Seam Roofing I have been able to develop procedures and techniques that many of my competitors are unaware of. I employ a small crew of 6 men, each many with years of experience in Standing Seam. They have used their experience and my guidance in regards to special techniques to provide the best standing seam roof installations that can be offered. Through the use of this small crew I have been able to kept a tight rein on quality control. This quality is evidenced by our impeccable reputation and great customer reviews. Let me and my crew show you how Standing Seam is "done right".
Customer Confidence and Satisfaction remain my #1 Goal.